Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tainted Love... uh, I mean eggs

It used to be that our food was safe. Now there's a recall of 228 million eggs because of salmonella. It makes you wonder exactly what's going on that makes our food so unsafe. Wasn't it spinach one year and tomatoes from ChiChi's another year? Is the Fuck You Faerie flitting around pointing her magic wand at things people like to eat?

In other news, we had a really big storm here yesterday. It blew down a tree limb and blew away part of a fence that the roomies had corralled their horse in. So, naturally, the horse took off. It could have been much worse... they found him a block down where he'd stopped to munch on some nice, new grass. My roomie even sent in pictures of the damage to a local tv station and they put them on the air.

There is a car lot in town that also sells those little utility sheds that you often see in people's back yards. Some of them blew away... there were pics of that on tv, too.

Not much else is going on here, just making jewelry and getting through one day at a time. The roomies go back to work in a week or so and I will miss them.

Maybe I'll go jump in the pool.
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