Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why A Zombie Would Make A Good Pet

Note: This is a repost from my HubPages account.

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need pets. They're mostly around to keep us from being bored and lonely, right?

Sometimes, especially if you're the discriminating type like me, dogs and cats just don't cut in in the pet department. Lizards are awesome, but so 1996. So what's a person to do?

I was thinking about that this evening and decided that I would like to have a zombie pet. Though obviously not a traditional choice, I can make a case for them being good companions.

Note: There are some obvious precautions you must take if you decide to take on the responsibility of a zombie pet:

  • Keep the little guy away from you at all costs. If you are awesome like Michonne, removing the arms and jaws of your pets will prevent some pesky gnawing issues in the future. (Remember, though, if you remove the jaw, it will not be able to eat at all, which means it will expire faster.)
  • Be aware of where your zombie pet is at all times. If you take it with you to show it off to your friends and neighbors, do not let it out of your sight. Involuntary manslaughter, anyone?
  • Keep a loaded pistol, a machete, or a crossbow (Daryl Dixon FTW!) handy at all times. It is a sad fact of life that our pets may occasionally have to be put down. No need to take it to a vet, that's just an added, unnecessary expense.
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