Sunday, July 24, 2011

To Watch Or Not To Watch, That Is The Question

I decided I wanted to make a list of my favorite current television shows. Meaning the ones that are still on the air. These are in no particular order. And they often cause my DVR to smoke unnecessarily.

  • Wilfred. Currently on FX's Thursday night lineup, this is one of the coolest shows I've seen in a very long time. It stars Elijah Wood as Ryan, a burned out twenty-something and Jason Gann as the title character, Wilfred. The deal is that Wilfred's a dog. Yeah, a regular dog. But, to Ryan, he's something else. He walks on two legs, talks, drinks beer and smokes pot. It reminds me of a more hip, edgier Harvey. It's definitely worth a watch.
  • The Walking Dead. An AMC program, The Walking Dead focuses on a band of survivors after a zombie holocaust. Rehashed idea for sure, but interesting to the point of being riveting. The show stars Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, and Jon Bernthal, among others. This is must-see tv for any horror fan. This one starts it's second season in October. That gives you plenty of time to watch the first. 
  • Sons Of Anarchy. A dirty, gritty look at the inside of an outlaw motorcycle club. The show follows the members of Samcro (Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original) through drug deals, weapons trading, kid snatching and other, miscellaneous downright dirty shit. Ron Pearlman, Charlie Hunnam (who cut his hair for the new season - at least one of us isn't happy), and Katey Segall head up an outstanding cast that FX should consider itself lucky to have. This one comes back for season four in September. If you haven't watched seasons 1-3, you can probably catch up as you go, but you really ought to see the previous seasons. They are awesome. 
  • Eureka. SyFy does have some awesome original programming, if you don't count it's cheesy ripoffs of popular movies as original programming. Eureka is about a town that houses the most brilliant scientific minds on the planet and centers around the sherriff, Jack Carter played to perfection by Colin Ferguson. Those brilliant minds I mention have a knack for fucking up the strangest things causing catastrophe after catastrophe and MacGyver, I mean Carter, is usually at the center of fixing them. The show is funny, original and generally awesome. This one is on Monday nights.
  • Warehouse 13. Another SyFy program, this show is original, interesting, and addictive. The show follows Pete and Myka (played by Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelley respectively) as they round up and store weird assed artifacts with supernatural powers and store them in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Though at times formulaic, the show manages to bring it with every episode. Also on Monday nights.
  • Sanctuary. Another SyFy show that deals with rounding up odd shit. This time it's creatures. And Sanctuary is pretty much a great big supernatural zoo. Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne and Emilie Ullerup star as, well, zoo keepers in charge of the task of rounding up these strange critters and housing them. The new season (4) starts in October. Previous seasons are definitely worth a watch.
  • Being Human. There are two versions of this show now. A UK version, and a US version (because seemingly nothing on tv here in the states is original anymore). I'm referring to the UK version, as shown in the US on BBC America. I can't speak on the American version on SyFy because I haven't seen it. Anyway, Being Human follows a vampire (played by Aidan Turner), a werewolf (Russell Tovey) and a ghost (Lenora Crichlow) as they try to blend in as much as possible. They have all the same struggles as regular humans plus the trials and tribulations of being something... more. This show is packed to the rafters with action, fantasy, real drama and is often hilarious as well. Season three just ended, which gives you ample opportunity to catch up.
  • True Blood. This show (and this show only) is why I pay $13.00 a month for HBO. Loosely based on the Southern Vampire Series of books by Charlaine Harris (often incorrectly referred to as the Sookie Stackhouse books), the show centers around the quintessentially Southern yet telepathic Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) and her band of merry (or not) friends (acquaintances?). Unfortunately for Sookie, she's part fairy and faeries are tasty treats that allow vampires to get drunk and walk in the sun. (Which is why there are very few of them left, the vampires ate them all.) There isn't much I can say about this show that you haven't probably already heard. There are a lot of twists, a lot of characters to keep track of and a whole lot of fucking and naked asses. Literally. It seems that they're everywhere. Other main cast members include Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Nelson Ellis and too damn many others to mention. You can catch season four on Sundays at 9pm on HBO.
  • Supernatural. I'm including this show because, even though I have missed most of the last three seasons, it's still one of my favorites. This program, on the CW, chronicles brothers Dean and Sam Winchester through the perils of hunting and disposing of supernatural critters. I think it's currently in it's sixth season and I am totally lost. I pretty much don't know what happened after season three. I do, however, intend to rectify that as soon as I am able. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki play the brothers Winchester. And OMG are they awesome to look at. Bonus: Dean's PUDDING clip. (Link goes to YouTube.) If this doesn't make you laugh, there's something wrong with you.
  • Burn Notice. Bringing up the rear (Michael Weston's butt. *dies*) is probably the coolest spy show EVER. The afore-mentioned Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) is a spy that has been "burned," meaning he's lost his job with the US government and his money, identity and other essential things. He's not alone, though. He has his alcoholic buddy Sam (played by Bruce Campbell - to perfection, I might add), his explosives expert/enthusiast sort-of girlfriend Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and his moms (Sharon Gless). Weston and his cohorts usually spend each episode of this USA Network show trying to solve a problem for a "client" wherein the solving usually involves detailed surveillance, breaking and entering and the occasional clump of C-4 all while trying to get Michael back into the government's good graces so he can get his job back. Season five is currently airing on Thursday nights. 

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