Saturday, January 15, 2011

Notes From The Road

It was an interesting trip from Lubbock, TX to Buffalo, NY. I took some notes, hope you find them interesting.


11:43 - Passed the Happy State Bank. In all fairness, we just went through Happy, TX. Must be a nice place to live. Also, the Amarillo bus station is run down and gross. It's fucking cold out here.

13:35 - Just saw real cowboys on horseback in a field with cows. Strange looking country here, little rolling hills with strange valleys. At least it's no longer flat like Lubbock.
ps. A lady at the Amarillo bus station gave me three candy canes, I just ate the cinnamon one. She was on the way from San Antonio to Albuquerque because her son was very sick and on dialysis. I hope everyting works out for her and him, they're in my thoughts.

14:50 - Elk City, OK is ugly, but it sure as hell isn't Texas... maybe there is a God after all, I got out of there! YAY! This bus stop is at a gas station, not a regular bus station. Next stop is Oklahoma City, OK.

15:49 - Just saw an oil well. At least I think it was an oil well, or oil drill or whatever they're called. Also saw hills that looked like small mountains out in the distance. Odd. We're 30 miles west of El Reno, OK. Fifty-five miles to Oklahoma City.

17:00 - Oklahoma City. It isn't as ugly as I expected. Someone once told me that it was like the asshole of North America. They had drug dogs sniffing under the bus, fortunately they didn't like my underwear. I've seen this before on the trip to Lubbock from Virginia, but this was the first time I've ever seen police come on the bus and search people's things. They even patted one guy down.

18:00 - I just noticed that there is a profusion of trees! I missed trees, since Lubbock doesn't really have any.

19:45 - Tulsa, OK. Thought there was going to be a fight to get on the bus. Nonsense... there are plenty of seats, they're just not going to sit with me... lol. Been trying to get some sleep but this cough is awful. I know people are irritated with me for coughing so much, but what can I do? The cough medicine that Jose got me only lasts for an hour. The station here was clean, but the snack bar was closed... not like I have any cash, anyway. I had to go to the bathroom in the little stall, not much room for me and my bags, but there was a kid in the other one with his mommy. I dealt. They have a real confusing smoking area, too.

22:00 - I liked the way Joplin, MO looked. Small city, lots of bars and tattoo parlors, discount smoke shops and liquor stores... lol. I looked for the titty bars, but didn't find any. The bus station was cool, there was a garage for the buses to pull into. Needed to pee, but wanted a cigarette more. There's a few inches of snow on the ground, so far up till now, I've only seen dustings.

23:35 - Springfield, MO. Cold as shit. I just took half a Seroquel because I'm tired and the cough is keeping me awake. There are no more stops before St. Louis. Three hours. I hope I get to see the arch.


10:30 - On the way from Indianapolis to Cincinnati. Spent several hours on the bus from St. Louis (yes, I did see the arch, most of the other people didn't look interested) to Indianapolis with NO HEAT. The driver said it would be faster to just go to Indy than to sit on the side of the road for three hours. I think my ass cheeks are frozen. I couldn't believe it. We were also very lucky that the bus to Cincinnati waited for us.

12:10 - Made my last connection. This bus will take me to Buffalo from Cincinnati. In Cincinnati now, and it's snowing to beat the band. Still have to pee.

19:10 - Erie, PA. Border patrol just got on and checked everybody's ID. I felt bad for the Pakistani guy that had to fish out his passport. They sure singled him out. Next stop is Buffalo.

21:30 - Buffalo. Cold. Very cold. Snowing. Can I really do this? Greyhound has lost one of my bags, it's the one with my meds in it. Lucky me. I was told to call a number and that my bag would probably be in tomorrow. I certainly hope so. Just waiting now to figure out how to get from the bus station to Rob and Julie's. A guy just told me how beautiful I was then asked for a cigarette. Typical guy. Heh.

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