Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm not quite sure how Kim Kardashian's new corn rows ended up on the front page of, but they did. Why are we so obsessed with celebrities (that shouldn't even be celebrities except for the fact that their dad was a millionaire lawyer and their mom is married to Bruce Jenner. Bruce Jenner?) I, personally, couldn't care less about her new hair-do. But apparently millions of other Americans do.

What else is in the headlines?

Uncertainty ahead this year for Lindsay Lohan. I've posted about her before, but my main question is "why do we still care about Lindsay Lohan?" She's been in rehab more times than I've tried diets and she can't seem to keep her expensive ass out of jail. What's ahead for her this year? I hope nothing. I hope she hits rock bottom and finds out that she can't keep living this way. I predict that, this year, we'll see her in the headlines again fighting the IRS or some other agency over money. She'll be broker than broke.

Details of Lady Gaga's new album. What? This is news? This is front-page news? I like Lady G, don't get me wrong, but I see no reason why her new album needs to be on the front page unless it's going to cure cancer or solve the riddle of world peace.

Shania Twain got married on New Year's Day. So what? Is she even a celebrity anymore? When was the last time she made a record that got any attention? Who cares?

My conclusion is that Americans are crazy. They value insights into celebrity lives more than such important news items as a huge earthquake in Chile, Iran shooting two spy planes down in the Persian Gulf, and Senator's urging the necessity of permanent US bases in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, it is also my conclusion that the American population, for the most part, prefers to stick it's head in the sand and ignore the important things.

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