Sunday, January 9, 2011

Westboro, Ah Westboro

My sister-in-law clued me in to the Westboro Baptist Church's impending picket of the funeral of the nine year-old girl who died in the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford.

First of all, let me say that I find it hard to give any attention to an organization that owns the url And I also find it difficult to talk about people who actively protest the funerals of fallen soldiers.

But to protest the funeral of an innocent child who did no more than get in the path of a stray bullet is utterly reprehensible. Who the hell do these people think they are? What basis could they possibly have for picketing the funeral of a child? What the hell is wrong with them?

I won't go into how much I dislike organized religion, but let me say that people like the members of Westboro Baptist are high on the list of reasons why I can't and won't believe. They are taking literally (and sometimes over-literally) words that were written centuries ago by people who were building a religion filled with stern language, bogey men and what have become antiquated rules to live by.

If there were a God, I couldn't imagine why he (or she) would hate anyone, regardless of race, religion or sexual preference. This church is violating the peace of mind and the mourning processes of hundreds of people, all in the name of a God or because of some obscure passages in the bible... words that were supposed to have been handed down by a God. I thought the Christian God was supposed to be a kind and loving God? Has that message been lost to these morons?

Even more alarming, in my not so humble opinion, this filthy church has supporters. And they have to be getting the money from somewhere to do all of these protests. I know there are crazy people out there, but these have to be the craziest of the crazy.

The sad thing is that this stupid facade of a church gets tax-exempt status and, according to the laws of this land, are allowed to say and do anything they want to as long as no one else's rights get violated in the first meantime.

Now, I'm not a terrorist, but I wouldn't be unhappy if something real bad happened to this "church" and it's parishioners. A fireball or meteor or twister or something would do, especially if the "church" were in session when it hits. I don't usually call for blood, but these people make me sick. They make me sad. They make me want to hurt something, or someone.

And, lastly, let me just just say that Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, looks like a pedophile. But that's just my opinion.

Someone needs to start an anti-Westboro movement and picket their church meetings. I'd be down with that. I'd carry a sign that says God Hates You, You Stupid Fucks.

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