Thursday, June 17, 2010


I know I'm fat, but my three-hundred and forty-seven pounds (yeah, I can admit it) doesn't compare with the ladies at SuperSizedBombshells. I found the site from a Yahoo news story about Donna Simpson, who is going for the Guinness Book record for the world's heaviest woman. She's already over 600 pounds.

I find this as well as a trend to beautify extremely heavy women to be alarming. While I agree that everyone needs help with their self image, it's disturbing to me that some women out there are exploiting themselves just because of their weight. While some heavy women are very attractive, fat itself isn't pretty, people.

My fat isn't pretty. Because of my weight, I have very bad asthma (also from smoking,I might add, I'm a double dipshit), weak and painful joints, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes and a whole slew of physiological problems that come from the insecurities I have with being fat. Not to mention the three miscarriages I've had that could possibly be attributed to my weight. Live with that, will ya?

Glorifying fat is a mistake. I also have problems with men who only date very heavy women. What's the motivation? Every man who I've ever met that said he only wanted to date fat chicks was looking for a woman with insecurities so he could make her submissive to his every need. (Note: I am not talking about men who fall in love with heavy women, those guys are most likely seeing the woman on the inside and loving the whole package. Hurrah for them and the lucky women they're with for not falling prey to social stereotypes!)

To make a long post even longer, I guess what I'm trying to say is love a fat chick for who she is, not because you want to see her in videos online eating Twinkees and waddling to her car. And I seriously hope that Ms. Simpson comes to her senses before she kills herself in the process of acquiring that world's record.

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