Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day

For those of you totally addicted to FaceBook, you'd probably like FailBook. It shows the sad and sometimes hilarious side of human stupidity straight from the pages of FaceBook.

I started the "big cleanup" today. We're (or rather I am) going to be getting rid of everything that we don't need or use. It's a tall order, but I want this place in top shape by the end of the summer. I do most of the work late at night when it's cooler since only one room of our house has an air conditioner. We're putting one upstairs in the bedroom, but J hurt his knee and probably shouldn't do any lifting right now.

In the funnies today, an animal waste worker found $58 in cash in some dog dirt. This is wrong on just so many levels. The first level being that the company's name is DoodyCalls. Secondly, how rich and lazy do you need to be to hire someone to come and clean your dog's crap? And who would leave that much cash (I'm poor) laying around for a dog to eat? Also, can this crap cleaner come to my house? The pen needs to be raked again. Urghh.

And, from the Buffalo News comes the story of two Canadian dudes found drunk and coverd in mud in the woods. They had apparently gotten trashed at a church carnival (St John de La Salle? Town or a church?) and decided to Woodstock it. I didn't think Canadian guys had it in them, Americans are supposed to be the crazies.

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