Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh Lohan!

In today's strange and amusing news, Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina, decided to call the cops because Carvel Ice Cream denied her a free birthday cake. Apparently, the rich and famous get a "black" card from Carvel entitling them to free ice cream for seventy-five years. LiLo's mom, however, isn't one of those people.

I'm guessing the card is to bring celebrities into their stores, because Carvel refused Dina Lohan's free ice cream request based on the fact that Lindsay didn't accompany her to the store. And, apparently, LiLo's friends have family have been burning up the card, making management pretty pissed.

The best thing about the article? This quote from Dina Lohan: "It just shows how we [Lohans] get treated so much worse than regular people."

My reaction? HOLY SHIT, BATMAN! These people deserve free ice cream? I understand it's for promotional purposes to get more people into the store, but why do people who have tons of money get these kinds of perks? And then they complain when they're denied? I don't even want to get started on what makes Dina Lohan think she's any different from regular people. Maybe because her daughter is a fire crotch?

Lindsay Lohan isn't even a real celebrity anymore. She made a few movies and then got even more famous for her no-panties crotch shots and DUIs than anything else.

Is this the type of person Carvel wants promoting their ice cream??

In other other news, I wrote a check today to a local store. It wasn't my checkbook. Of course I had permission to write the check, but the lady behind the counter only asked me to write two phone numbers (I could have made them up) and my driver's license number (I could have faked it) on the check. She didn't even ask to see my driver's license! I could have been anybody! I have often wondered why there are so many check forgery crimes in this area, and now I know. I guess I'm just used to living in the city (or at least a much larger town) where they practically want your ID for everything.

Also, if you haven't tried Mrs. Freshley's cream filled honey buns with chocolate frosting, well, you should.

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  1. Yeah... Also, here they call the F.B.I. to check your parents credit history, even if you are who you say you are when you write a check.


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